Days of communication

Days of Communication is a festival that has been gathering advertisers, agencies, public relations experts, media representatives and students from all over the globe. For this years edition, Klasja was invited to draw the illustration which will carry the visual identity of the whole project!  

Back to school

We invite you to come & see our first lecture “How to become a designer” at the School of Design in Frankopanska street at 17:30! Scrolling through our portfolio, we will try to explain our vision of design thinking and problem solving by combining different styles of illustration, typography and…

Klasja’s pieces of art

We proudly invite you to come to the Šira Gallery and see Crtice (eng. Pieces) — Klasja’s solo exhibition of monochromatic graphics and short stories. It’s a rare opportunity to see her original illustrations made with a roller, and to exchange a word or two with the author herself! Read…


In the article for ELLE magazine, Mirjana Brabec decided to present Croatia’s up-and-coming young talents in different fields of art. We were selected & reviewed by Dejan Kršić for Graphic Design category and our work was summarized with a quote by Marko Golub: “Successful merge of art, illustration, typography &…

MUOst see!

Our first official showcasing as a duo is going to be “Exhibition of Croatian Design 1718” at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. This is the tenth biennal exhibition of the best Croatian design in the past two years, organized by the Croatian Designers Association, and three of our…

Train of thought

Velimir Neidhardt, Thought in Architecture, book written and edited by Alen Žunić, can now be found on shelves of Harvard University library in the USA. Book’s cover was designed by digitalizing and collaging V. Neidhardt’s own sketches for recently constructed airport in Zagreb. Fun fact, V. Neidhardt decided to frame…

Approved by Davor Bruketa

Our first CD cover design, Krava na Orehu, found its way to the top! & designer Davor Bruketa made a list of the best Croatian CD cover designs, and placed our design at the first place: Cinkuši is Croatian ethno band that reinterprets traditional folk songs with modern…